Giselle Johnson – Sole Owner Of Fantasy Mas


Fantasy mas is a new diverse carnival costume section that has joined forces with the Party Animals Mas Band to help form a ‘Balance’ within Cayman Carnival. Fantasy Mas is a proud female, Caymanian and black-owned company that has its eyes set on promoting body positivity on the road for carnival, we want all of our masqueraders both men and women to feel confident, beautiful, sexy, and safe on the road. I pride myself on providing an all- inclusive, ‘Ultimate Carnival Experience’ for our locals, expats and visitors to truly enjoy and experience what is a big part of our culture here in Cayman.
My masqueraders are my number one priority as I’m completely aware that without masqueraders there is no carnival, so my mission and goal is to provide exceptional customer service to the masqueraders of all nations and backgrounds, for all to unite on the road for carnival. To produce top quality, fun, and unique costumes for a reasonable and affordable plan to purchase and to provide my masquerades with a complete carnival look. Fantasy Mas is proud to be partnered with Rodney’s Salon / Hair Invasion, The Great Face Makeup and many more to provide all masqueraders with a complete carnival look with an affordable payment plan.

I am also devoted to giving back to Cayman’s youth of the future and our seniors who are in need and the best way we can do that is to help provide meals for our students through the non profit organization Feed Our Future and
for our elderly seniors through the Meals on Wheels Program. We are happy to
begin a journey of giving back to the community each and every year.

This is a band with a purpose that promotes the traditions, festive nature and values of
carnival through fantasy and the art of global expression. The ideology of Masqueradology is a portrayal of cultural, social, economic, humanitarian views and lifestyles that brings awareness to a cause.